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Does It Matter if Seniors Lose Their Sense of Smell?

Sarah, my elderly client, was sitting peacefully in the living room with me one evening. I was reading to her while dinner baked in the oven. Suddenly, I smelled something burning and quickly got up to check on dinner. The book had been so engrossing that I forgot about the chicken and veggies and they were burnt on top and smelled pretty unappetizing. I asked Sarah if I should throw the meal away and start again and she said, “It’s just a little brown,” and ate it all up. […]

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Here’s Why I Don’t Need National Nurses Week

Growing up, I dreamed of many professions, but nursing wasn’t one of them. My great aunt was cared for round the clock by nurses, and they were great women, but I only came to visit for an hour here and there and didn’t really understand what they were doing on a regular basis. […]

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