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Thanksgiving Inspiration

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. I like the crush of the fallen leaves, in all their glorious color (I'm not giving away too much if I acknowledge I'm from New Hampshire, right?) I like the crisp, brisk November air, with that hint of snow we hope waits until December. I [...]

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Veteran’s Day: A Home Health Care Provider Reflects

I don't know about you, but I find that Veteran's Day can creep up and catch me unaware. It's not like Halloween, where the candy sales in the supermarket let you know it's on its way. Or Thanksgiving, with pumpkin patch pictures all over Facebook and all those reds and oranges and golden browns. You [...]

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Medication Management for Seniors

One of the most important jobs of the medical team in a nursing home or other facility is ensuring that the patients take their medications regularly. Medication management for seniors is not always an easy job, but is, of course, extremely important. Left to their own devices, 55% of seniors don't take their medications according [...]

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