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Keeping Seniors Safe in the Snow

Northeastern United States is blessed with cold and snowy winters. While children love to run and jump in the snow, snowstorms can be a challenge for the elderly. Keeping seniors safe in the snow requires a bit of attention to detail. Stay indoors and keep warm Even active senior citizens should stay indoors and keep [...]

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19 Signs Your Parents Might Need Help at Home

When Jennifer Ross was a little girl, her mother used to take her swimming every summer in the municipal pool. It was a wonderful time for the two of them, and she enjoyed many happy hours in the sun, splashing, and learning how to swim. This past summer, Jennifer brought her children to visit her [...]

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Planning a Daily Routine for an Elderly Patient

Elderly patients and loved ones, even those suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia, are in need of stimulation just like their younger counterparts. On the other hand, too much stimulation can be confusing and stressful, so a daily routine should include some activities but also allow for lots of downtime. The simplest way to spark your [...]

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