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How Can Geriatric Care Management Help You?

Do you live far from your parents? Or are you nearby but lead a tremendously busy life, with a career, children and parents who need care? If you fit either of these descriptions, you can benefit from geriatric care management. What does a geriatric care manager do? When your parents get older, you want to [...]

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Reducing Medication for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Psychotropic medications for dementia sufferers are prescribed to reduce the effects of the disease, but they also serve as chemical restraints and may adversely affect the body and mind. Tracy, one of our LPN Care Managers, recommends trying to minimize use of these medications as much as possible. She tells us that she accomplishes this [...]

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True Dedication

During the recent epic snowstorm, LPN Case Manager Tracy visited the home of one of our clients. She was amazed to discover that home health aide, Amelia, had volunteered to stay over the whole weekend to make sure that her client was safe. Amelia's job usually entails staying for eight hour shifts but she refused [...]

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