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Commemorating Memorial Day with the Elderly

Did you know? More than 1.5 million of our oldest seniors served in our military in World War II. 9.1 million is the estimated number of veterans who are 65 years of age or older. Most seniors, whether they served in the armed forces or not, had friends and family who were killed in America's [...]

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Is This a Normal Part of the Aging Process?

How often do you ask yourself this question? Dad forgets where he put his glasses and they are on the night table where he has kept them for the past 50 years. Mom refuses all your offers to take her out to the park and prefers to sit in front of the television, even though [...]

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Mom can’t walk anymore – now what?

My family has been lucky to live next to my mother for all of these years. Mom has been babysitter, shopping companion and chief spoiler of my children. We've benefited so much from the love and devotion she heaped on all of us. A few months ago, Mom had a bad fall (she really shouldn't [...]

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