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Stand Up to Cancer in Children

Stand Up to Cancer in Children

Aug 12
There’s nothing scarier than discovering that your child has cancer. The word itself strikes terror in the hearts of people everywhere, and feelings of helplessness and sadness are sure to follow. But there is good news – childhood cancers are generally curable, and 84% of kids in developed countries recover. If you’re dealing with cancer in your child, here are some tips to help you get through it. Get Educated The more you know about the disease, the less scary it is. And the more information you have, the less frustrated you will be since you will know what to expect. It’s a good idea to write down everything medical professionals tell you, since you might be numb and unfocused at the time. If it’s written down, you can always refer back and refresh your memory. Hang on to Your Routine You won’t be able to continue all your activities,
Vaccines for Senior Citizens

Vaccines for Senior Citizens

Jul 26
As we age, our immune systems become weaker, making it more difficult to fight off infections. Older adults are more susceptible to diseases such as the flu, shingles and pneumonia. They are also more likely to suffer from complications of these diseases, which may even lead to death. Vaccines are especially important for people suffering from chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, but they are essential for all senior citizens. The following vaccines are covered by Medicare and should be given to seniors. Flu Vaccine Complications of flu combined with pneumonia are one of the top 10 causes of death for older adults. The flu vaccine is administered annually in the fall in preparation for winter. Flu season starts in November and the vaccine takes two weeks to take effect, so it’s best to get it as early in the season as possible. Ask for the higher dose
Healthy Grilling

Healthy Grilling

Jul 03
A long summer day, food sizzling on the grill, talking, laughing, eating, kids playing. What could be more perfect? Whenever we have a family barbecue, we bring along my dad. He’s not very mobile these days, but we find him a seat in the shade and he enjoys the food and the atmosphere. He smiles at the grandchildren’s antics and enjoys listening to all his kids interacting. He can’t eat steak these days but boy, does he love his juicy hamburgers! I had always assumed that grilling was a really healthy way to eat. It avoids all the batter and grease of fried foods and is heavily based on spices. But then I read on WebMD that there are two disadvantages to barbecuing. The first one is that it encourages us to eat large quantities of fatty meats like sausages. The other disadvantage is that grilling forms compounds that might
Parks for the Elderly

Parks for the Elderly

Jun 27
An outing to a park has many advantages for an elderly person. It gets them out of the house and out in the fresh air, it offers interaction with people of all ages and it’s a good way to get exercise. But not all parks are created equal, and some are more senior-friendly than others. So, before you take your loved one or client to a park, check whether it’s set up properly. Some to things to look out for include: Accessible Paths Paths in parks should be relatively flat (no more than a 2% grade) for seniors in wheelchairs or using walkers. They should be wide enough that an elderly person will not be forced off the path by a pedestrian or biker coming in the other direction. Spaces between paved and unpaved areas should be small so that a wheelchair or cane will not get stuck. There should

Is Your Insurance Up to Date?

Jun 21
We just love esoteric holidays like Insurance Awareness Day. They’re excellent opportunities to talk about topics which often get ignored. And how many of us like to talk about insurance? Hanging out with your insurance agent may not be your idea of a good time, but it’s important to review your insurance every year to make sure you’re covered for everything you need. As circumstances change, so do your insurance needs, so you may have to update or change your insurance policies. You’ll want to look at your car insurance, home insurance and supplemental insurance. And you will want to pay special attention to your health insurance. As providers of home care, we know that many of our clients aren’t aware of what their health insurance covers. We are constantly being asked whether home care is covered by insurance. (The answer to that question is: sometimes. For more information, read
Keeping Seniors Safe

Keeping Seniors Safe All Year Long

Jun 07
June is National Safety Month, but safety is always a priority for families caring for a senior. Older people are especially vulnerable to accidents in the home, including burn injuries, falls and overdoses. Here’s how you can keep your home safe for your elderly loved one. 4109
Sports for People with Dementia

Sports for People with Dementia

May 17
Sports – both playing and watching – are a powerful way to connect people to each other and to their memories. Many people who suffer from dementia are still able to play the sports they enjoyed when they were younger and to find happiness in fitness and competition. It’s also common for people who tend not to interact with others much to become more active while playing or discussing sports. BBC reports about an organization based in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, called The Sporting Memories Foundation. The organization brings together people over 50, most of whom suffer from dementia, to talk about and play sports. They hold weekly meetings in which groups of men reminisce about sports events from the past. The banter and friendly chat fosters confidence in the men, leading them to talk about other things and form new friendships. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, The Department of
When Depression Set In

When Depression Set In

May 13
Mom has been homebound for a few years, since a stroke left her with very limited mobility. At first, she was so active that you could almost forget that she was ill. She did crossword puzzles, made wisecracks while watching her favorite TV programs and dispensed advice (and even got bossy) whenever we came to visit. But gradually, I started to notice that she wasn’t quite herself. Mom had much less energy and kept falling asleep at odd times – including while her grandchildren were telling her about their day. She started losing weight and I had trouble tempting her even with her favorite foods. My brother brought over his world-famous (OK, I exaggerate…) chicken pot pie and she barely took two bites. One day, I asked Mom if she wanted pink or white flowers to decorate her table and she talk so long to make the decision and changed
5 Top Factors in Senior Health

The Top 5 Most Important Factors in Senior Health

Apr 16
We all know how precarious health can be at an older age. And yet, we tend to hang onto old habits which were never healthy but are even more risky as the senior years roll in. Our health is, of course, not entirely in our hands, but we can reduce the likelihood of disease by paying attention to these factors in senior health: #1 Inactivity Physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce risk of diseases including heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. It is also a mood booster and chases away depression and other mental health issues. Seniors tend to slow down as they age and some of them become totally inactive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A daily walk, even if it’s around the block and takes much longer than it used to, has many benefits. It’s always easier to exercise with company,
Celebrate Earth Day with Elderly

Celebrate Earth Day with Your Elderly Loved One

Apr 09
If you and your family care about the environment, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day and do a little something to help preserve our world. Earth Day may conjure up images of hours spent digging in the dirt, but there are ways to mark the day without strenuous labor. Adopt a Plant Seniors may not be able to tend an outdoor garden, but they will enjoy a potted plant inside the house. A little bit of green and some blooming flowers will cheer up a room and improve the quality of the air your loved one breathes on a daily basis. If he’s up to it, involve him in watering and caring for the plant. Recycle Many elderly people have amassed lots of stuff which is no longer in use. Take the opportunity to clear out a room or a drawer and donate or recycle