Bringing the Spirit of the Season into Clients’ Homes

//Bringing the Spirit of the Season into Clients’ Homes

Bringing the Spirit of the Season into Clients’ Homes

The spirit of the season is everywhere you go. When you walk down a residential street, it’s in the decorations on homes and in gardens. In the center of town, you feel it in the music playing and the bright lights of the stores. Even offices usually get into the spirit and add a little cheer to their mundane décor. But what about homebound seniors? How can they feel the joy of this time of year?

Decorate Your Client’s Home

An excellent way to cheer up the senior you care for is by decorating their home. Before you get started, ask them what kind of decorations they like. Make sure you find out which holiday they are celebrating and get appropriate decorations. Keep safety in mind when making your purchases, as lights may be hazardous for your client. Of course, there’s no reason to decorate your client’s home alone. Let them choose where to place decorations and help put them up. Their faces will surely light up and they’ll start to feel more cheerful immediately.

Cook and Bake for the Holidays

Even clients with short-term memory loss should be able to tell you what foods they remember from their childhoods and associate with the holiday season. Bake and decorate gingerbread men, cook a turkey dinner or fry up some potato pancakes. Traditional foods may contain ingredients like salt and sugar which your clients are meant to avoid, but you can usually find healthful versions – just do some Googling!

Watch Seasonal Television

December’s TV schedule is full of heartwarming movies and shows dedicated to the season. Switch off the news and change the channel to some feel-good seasonal television. The Hallmark Channel has good selections. Also look for old black and white films which are nostalgic as well as cheerful.

Make Cards for Friends and Family

Your housebound client may not be able to purchase gifts for family, but he or she can make cards (with your help). Put some seasonal music on in the background and hum along while you work. Construction paper, markers, stickers and some glitter are all you need. Grandchildren and good friends will love their handmade cards and your client will enjoy the gift of giving.

Although your client can’t go outdoors, the holiday season shouldn’t pass them by. It’s pretty simple to bring the spirit of the season into their home with decorations, food, TV and cards. Help them feel some of the magic of the holidays and brighten up their days!

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