Summer Nutrition for the Elderly

The hotter the weather, the more we all need to hydrate. This is easier said than done when it comes to the elderly, especially since heat can reduce appetite and the desire to eat hot foods. Older adults lose water as their muscle mass weakens and their kidney function decreases. They also feel less thirsty [...]

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Hearty Orange Soup for a Healthy and Filling Meal

In the past few months, the elderly woman I care for has lost much of her appetite. She eats small amounts and sometimes refuses food altogether. One of my solutions to this problem is to make extremely flavorful meals and to pack as much nutrition as possible in, so what she does eat is healthy and filling.

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Foods that promote fitness

Foods that promote fitness Fitness is important at every age. Seniors may not be able to do the same type of exercise they did when they were younger, but they can still move their muscles and maintain their health. A seniors' exercise class or a Youtube video with a workout geared for the older generation [...]

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