The Grandmother I Have Been Blessed With

I don’t remember Grandma as a healthy woman. She’s been homebound for so long, I am not sure I can even imagine her out and about. They tell me that when I was little she took me for walks in the park and played Candy Land with me at my house, but these are just [...]

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The Value of Traditions

When I was little, my mom and dad made a huge deal out of the holiday season. They would bring out all the decorations from the attic and buy a few more. There would be holiday music playing on the record player (yes, it was that long ago) and chestnuts roasting over a fire. My parents weren’t wealthy, but they always put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect gift for each of us and invested in festive wrapping paper, ribbons and cards.

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Celebrating the Bond Between Grandparents and Grandchildren

A lot has changed in recent years in the way that we care for our elderly. Before it was common for women to have careers, it was assumed that they would care for both their children and their elderly parents and in-laws. They were often burdened by the responsibilities of caring for more than one [...]

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