Sports for People with Dementia

Sports - both playing and watching - are a powerful way to connect people to each other and to their memories. Many people who suffer from dementia are still able to play the sports they enjoyed when they were younger and to find happiness in fitness and competition. It’s also common for people who tend [...]

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What to Do after Getting an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

If you’ve just come back from the doctor with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, you may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Often, the way to calm those feelings is by taking practical actions which make a situation manageable. Alzheimer’s is a challenging disease and there is no cure at present, but there are a number of steps [...]

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Music for Dementia Patients

Caring for a person with dementia can be challenging, especially as activities he used to enjoy become impossible to engage in or no longer interesting. Listening to music is one activity which is generally soothing and fun for seniors with dementia. Music makes people happy We all get a boost when we listen to music. [...]

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Is This a Normal Part of the Aging Process?

How often do you ask yourself this question? Dad forgets where he put his glasses and they are on the night table where he has kept them for the past 50 years. Mom refuses all your offers to take her out to the park and prefers to sit in front of the television, even though [...]

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Parenting Your Parents

Switching roles with your parents is one of the hardest things about the aging process. You watch your parents start to get forgetful or even rebellious and suddenly you realize you're the responsible adult who needs to make decisions and set limits. It's not a job you want and your parents certainly don't want to [...]

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