Celebrate Earth Day with Your Elderly Loved One

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Celebrate Earth Day with Your Elderly Loved One

If you and your family care about the environment, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day and do a little something to help preserve our world. Earth Day may conjure up images of hours spent digging in the dirt, but there are ways to mark the day without strenuous labor.

Adopt a Plant

Seniors may not be able to tend an outdoor garden, but they will enjoy a potted plant inside the house. A little bit of green and some blooming flowers will cheer up a room and improve the quality of the air your loved one breathes on a daily basis. If he’s up to it, involve him in watering and caring for the plant.


Many elderly people have amassed lots of stuff which is no longer in use. Take the opportunity to clear out a room or a drawer and donate or recycle anything which can be re-used. Old clothing can be donated to a charity organization. Newspapers, batteries, bottles and containers can all be sent for recycling. You can also make a box for items which you will later use in arts and crafts projects.


Choose an hour during the day in which you and your loved one disconnect from electronic devices. Turn off the TV, leave your phone on silent and bring out the board games for some good old-fashioned fun. You can make this a regular event in your weekly calendar in order to reduce your impact on the world.

Enjoy Nature

Your local park or nearby nature reserve is a perfect location for an outing on Earth Day. Depending on your loved one’s mobility, you can take a leisurely stroll to admire nature or just grab a bench and watch the world go by. Bring the grandchildren and capture the moments with your camera. There’s nothing quite as wonderful as outdoor family portraits!

Caring for the environment is a long-term investment. We are not likely to see the results of our efforts, but our children and grandchildren will feel the benefits. Earth Day is a chance to do something important for future generations. And it’s an excellent way to break up your loved one’s routine and appreciate the beautiful world we have been bequeathed by previous generations.

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