Celebrate New York

//Celebrate New York

Celebrate New York

September 21 is New York Day, so we’re celebrating the city where Towne was founded. In 1991, Towne Nursing was established in Brooklyn. It quickly spread to all five boroughs of New York and then Towne Home Care was opened to serve the New Jersey population. Towne Nursing continues to focus on providing healthcare professionals for nursing facilities, while we at Towne Home Care send home health aides, companions, housekeepers and more to people’s homes. We also provide schools with nurses and send pediatric nurses to work with children at home.

The decision of how to care for an elderly or ill relative is always a tough one. We aim to make the choice to care for them at home easier. We treat our clients like family members, so you feel secure that they are getting the best care when you can’t be around. Family should celebrate together, even if it’s a minor holiday like New York Day, so we came up with a few ways you can celebrate New York today.

Enjoy New York through Film

There are tons of movies set in New York, but some movies make New York another character in the film. Watching movies is a relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, so it’s a great way to bring different generations together. Check out this list of 11 movies that make you feel like you are pounding the pavement of “the city.”

Iconic New York Foods

New York has its own twists on some American favorites. Serve a feast of some of these iconic foods to evoke the tastes of the Big Apple. (Remember to adjust to your senior’s dietary restrictions where necessary.) Think New York cheesecake, bagels, deli meat and Italian ices. And don’t forget a hot dog in a bun with sauerkraut and mustard!

New York City Monopoly

Of course there’s a New York City edition of Monopoly! Get the children and grandchildren to come over for a fun game that allows you to explore the city without getting up from the couch. Buy and sell New York’s greatest landmarks, including Central Park, Carnegie Hall and the Empire State building.

New York is an incredible city – and state. And New York Day is a wonderful excuse for bringing the family together and getting into the New York spirit. Caregivers, parents, grandparents and children will all enjoy making more beautiful memories together.

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