Does Insurance Pay for Home Care?

//Does Insurance Pay for Home Care?

Does Insurance Pay for Home Care?

There’s no question that home care has many advantages over other types of care. Elderly people thrive when their environments are unchanged, when they see the same friends and family in the home they are used to, and with one-on-one care which focuses on their wants and needs.

Once home care has been chosen as the best option, it’s time to choose a home care provider. And the next step after that is to make financial arrangements for the caregiver and home care agency. One of the first questions we get asked by clients is, does insurance pay for home care?

The answer to that question is, of course, dependent on which insurance your loved one has. Our finance department is knowledgeable about the various insurance policies and can advise you whether your insurance is accepted by us. We generally accept Long Term Care insurance such as Metlife, John Hancock and Genworth, VA benefits and Medicaid. If you have another private insurance we will contact the company for you to find out about coverage.

Direct Payment or Reimbursement?

Another question we are often asked is, does insurance make direct payment or do I have to pay and be reimbursed? Once again, this is dependent on which insurance we are talking about. Most Long Term Care insurances will pay for home care directly, but others will only reimburse. Let us know which insurance you have and we will investigate its policies for you.

Thinking Ahead

Now is the time to think ahead to your own golden years and consider the fact that you may need home care at some time in the future. Take this opportunity to check your insurance policies, and, if necessary, purchase one which will provide for home care should you need it. That way, you can ensure that when your children are faced with the decision of setting up care, cost will not be an issue.

Need advice on insurance coverage for your parents’ home care? Call us at 732.403.8093 for a free consultation.

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