Employee Appreciation Day

//Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

What We Appreciate about Our Employees

We love that Employee Appreciation Day gives us the opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate you and everything you do!

This year, we went around the offices with a pen and paper and wrote down what the Towne office staff appreciates about the CNAs, LPNs and RNs who work with us. Most of the staff couldn’t keep to just one thing and gave us a few answers. Check out the top responses:


Here are some of the comments we especially loved:

Shana: Towne employees are so dedicated to their patients! Even the most difficult patients – physically or emotionally – get the best care from our employees.

Topaz: Our employees are great at being flexible when it’s necessary. We try to make shifts as convenient as possible for each nurse and aide, but you guys know that sometimes flexibility is the only solution.

Jessica: Clients and facilities expect Towne employees to show up on time for their shifts, and thankfully, we almost never get complaints about staff showing up late. Thanks to all of you who make the effort to show up on time each and every day.

Tracy (Home Care): As an LPN myself, I know how hard it is to be consistently patient, but also how important it is. I am amazed at the reserves of patience Towne employees display on a regular basis.

Michelle (Home Care): Our nurses and nurses’ aides are the most compassionate people around. They make sure their patients know that someone cares about them no matter what. That’s dedication!

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