Family Fun for All Ages

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Family Fun for All Ages

There’s nothing better than an entire family having fun together. But sometimes the ideal and the vision don’t quite match up: the kids are bored and whiny or the adults are uninterested and disruptive. And the elderly are not engaged and end up napping through most of the activity.

How do you create family fun that is truly enjoyed by all the generations? All it takes is a little out of the box thinking. Here are some ideas for activities that are fun with grandparents, parents and grandchildren.


Kids love to cook and bake, especially with an adult helping out. Split the family into intergenerational teams and give them a MasterChef challenge. Each team tries to make the most delicious meal in the quickest amount of time, using specific ingredients. Children and grandchildren should be given roles which they can easily fill, and the other adults should supervise so that safety is ensured.

Family nature walk

Fresh air, a slight breeze and beautiful landscapes will boost everyone’s mood on a Sunday afternoon. Choose a well-paved path so Grandma can roll along in a wheelchair or walk with a cane. Give the children a scavenger hunt challenge by making a list of objects they might spot on the way and seeing how many they can find. Take plenty of water and some healthy snacks and end the “hike” with a picnic lunch. If your destination is a playground, young children can play while the adults enjoy a leisurely meal.

Game night (or afternoon)

Games and puzzles are an excellent way for families to bond. Choose games which are easy enough for kids to play but require some strategy, so adults are interested as well. Place games on different tables and let family members decide which game to play. After 15 minutes, everyone gets up and sits at another table. This keeps game night fast-paced and fun!

Make your living room into a theater

Set up chairs, make popcorn and healthy snacks and have the kids make tickets to sell. The children can prepare a play or a short skit which is followed by a movie shown on a big screen. Pick a kids’ movie which includes jokes that only the adults get. Make sure to have an intermission so everyone can take a bathroom break, get a drink or stretch their legs.


Did you know?

August is Family Fun Month. Now is the perfect time to try out some of these ideas!

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