foods that promote fitness

//foods that promote fitness

Foods that promote fitness

Foods that promote fitness

Fitness is important at every age. Seniors may not be able to do the same type of exercise they did when they were younger, but they can still move their muscles and maintain their health. A seniors’ exercise class or a Youtube video with a workout geared for the older generation can encourage movement and fitness.

In addition to finding a time and place to exercise, it’s a good idea to eat foods that promote fitness, since are both nutritious and delicious!

Fruits and vegetables for fitness

Fruits and vegetables are important for any healthy eating plan. Eating fruits and vegetables for fitness has the added advantage of boosting energy and reducing pain.

Beet juice is a great energy booster. If you have a juicer, you can make fresh beet juice to drink straight or blend into a smoothie.

Not only does pomegranate enhance memory and brain activity, it also improves muscle recovery. Mix into oatmeal, serve in a salad or drink as juice.

Blueberries boost immunity and reduce inflammation. They can be eaten as a snack or baked into a pie. Cherry juice helps with pain, so you won’t feel sore after exercise. Watermelon also helps relieve muscle soreness when eaten about an hour before exercise. The white part of the rind contains citrulline, which lowers blood pressure and improves artery function.

Fish improves fitness

Fish improves fitness because it builds muscle, especially skeletal muscle. In addition, it’s a lean protein and full of Omega 3, which improves heart health. Fish can be grilled, roasted or cooked in a sauce. Salmon can be baked with little to no oil and with spices and herbs added for taste.

Whether you’re snacking or preparing a meal, keep these foods in mind to add energy and motivation for exercise.

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