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The elderly are often unable to perform basic housekeeping tasks. Washing dishes can aggravate arthritis, sweeping can be stressful on the back and emptying the trash can become a burden.

Unfortunately, a dirty or cluttered house can cause depression, lethargy and a feeling of lack of control. Too much dust can cause physical ailments such as constipation, back pain and congestion. A clean house, on the other hand, makes a person feel calm, in control and healthier.

Light Housekeeping Tasks

Towne Home Care’s home health aides, whether they are hourly companions or 24 hour live-ins, perform light housekeeping tasks as part of the client’s overall care. They wash and dry dishes after every meal, launder and dry clothing, clean bathrooms and dust surfaces. They will take out the garbage, vacuum or sweep and declutter.

You can rest easy knowing that your loved one is living in a clean and tidy environment at all times. Our aides are as careful with their client’s belongings as they are with their own. They are professional and friendly, and even the dirtiest jobs are done with a smile.

Our mission is to help our clients and their family members enjoy a higher quality of life. To that end, we work with our clients to customize the services we provide. We will review your home and your needs and create a package that incorporates specific housekeeping tasks into your loved one’s care.

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When we needed a home-care nurse for my mother, a Towne nurse arrived at the house within hours. The prompt, wonderful service and level of personal care surpasses anything I could have expected, and while I hope to never need nursing care again, I’m so glad to know Towne Nursing is there when I need you.
Margaret S.
Your aide, Emmanuel, was my husband’s salvation. He can be cantankerous, and Emmanuel was able to diffuse his tension and get him to laugh. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Emmanuel, who made things so much better for my husband. He is an asset to your company.
Paula D.
My brother and I rate your company with the highest of praise. You provided kind, compassionate, excellent care for our parents at the end of their days. Joel [Director of Operations] – you, your wife, and your staff are personable and professional. You never failed to deliver excellence and when it came to a financial hurdle, you put our minds at rest right away. Your nurse Reggie took care of my father with loving caring, and we will always be grateful. Reggie and the rest of your staff deserve every penny of their salaries, and then some!
Victoria P.
I cannot recommend my mother’s aide, Rita, highly enough. She was kind, attentive and nurturing, and cared for my mother with the devotion of a daughter.
Barbara S.
Towne Nursing put our minds at ease when we were reluctant to hire a live-in aide. Yaa, your staffer who arrived at our house, was amazing at handling my mother. She took care of all her needs, day or night, from cooking meals to healing bed sores. Her laughter was contagious and her level of care for Mom unsurpassed. She became a member of the family and we will miss her.
Nancy A.
Thank you to Towne Nursing. We feel blessed to have had your aide, Akua, provide loving care to our parents – my mother with Alzheimer’s and my father’s acute health care needs (including taking full charge of Mom while Dad had a medical emergency that took him back to the hospital). And when he returned home, Akau was the only one guaranteed to get him to eat a full meal. She helped him regain strength, and cared for him round the clock after his subsequent surgery. We remain eternally grateful for her role in nursing my father back to health. We recommend Akua – there’s none better.
Patricia B.
Your home health care aide, Naomi, is an absolute blessing! She took care of all of Mom’s physical, emotional and social needs, and went above and beyond her expected responsibilities to cooking nutritious meals and scrubbing the bathroom. Naomi became family; I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Ronnie L.
Akua has taken careful care of my mother for the past seven months, a particular challenge due to my mother’s high fall risk. Akua has been an honest and competent companion, keeping my mother freshly dressed in addition to cleaning her apartment. She also checks in with me daily, which is exactly what I need as a daughter.
Gloria M.