Parent’s Day

Parent’s Day

We’ve got Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and now we have…Parent’s Day? Although most people don’t know about this holiday, Parent’s Day is an official holiday, signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1994. It’s a day to honor and celebrate all that parents do to raise their children in an ever-changing and ever-challenging world.

As children, it was easy to honor and celebrate our parents for everything they did for us. We knew we were dependent on them, and appreciated the home cooked meals, rides to the bowling alley and our new school clothes.

But now some of those memories have slipped away, buried beneath all that we do for our own children and the burdens of caring for our elderly parents. Suddenly we are the ones who must provide healthy nutrition, and we’re the ones transporting them to doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions. In a topsy-turvy world in which we are the caregivers to our parents, how do we celebrate them?

All we have to do is remember that everything we have and everything we are exists because of what our parents gave us and what they taught us. Our devotion to caring for them in their old age is a direct result of the values of compassion and kindness which we learned at home. Our professional careers, family values and outlook on life are all based on what our parents modeled and taught us.

Parent’s Day is a good opportunity to reflect on what our parents gave us. Whether you write it on a card and give your parents an extra hug, or just store the list in your heart, a renewed appreciation for your parents’ efforts throughout the year is sure to ease the burden of caregiving just a little bit.

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