Pediatric Health Care at Towne Kids

//Pediatric Health Care at Towne Kids

Pediatric Health Care at Towne Kids

At Towne Kids, we’re celebrating Child Health Day by renewing our commitment to improve the health of children in the United States of America. We know that if it’s not medically necessary for a child to remain in the hospital, the best place for a kid is at home, with the love and support of family and friends. Hospitals can negatively affect physical and emotional health, while the home care environment provides the best of both worlds.

Towne Kids is a division of Towne Home Care which helps care for ill and disabled children. Our nurses are highly qualified and have that special touch that calms kids so they are cooperative during treatment.

Towne Kids is all about individualized care. Our RN Case Managers work with parents, therapists and physicians to write a plan of care specifically for each child. They keep in touch with all members of a child’s healthcare team, to ensure that developments are reported and recorded.

Our nurses’ commitment to child health goes beyond the daily care they provide. They are constantly updating their knowledge with further education, staying abreast of new treatments and studies in the medical field. They consider training to be an ongoing process, and are continuously improving their skills and expertise.

When a child is ill, an entire family is affected. Parents may be focused only on caring for this child, with no time or strength to care for the other children. Stress levels in the household are high, affecting the other kids and their emotional health. Towne Kids nurses are dedicated to reducing stress and taking the bulk of the technical care off the parents’ shoulders, so they can enjoy all of their children.

For more information on Towne Kids’ services, call 732.403.8093 or send us an email.

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