Salute to Dad’s Nurse

//Salute to Dad’s Nurse

Salute to Dad’s Nurse

It happened about a year ago. I was enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon at home – reading the paper, watching football and playing Monopoly with my daughter. Suddenly, an unidentified number popped up on my cell phone and I found out that my dad was in the hospital with a broken hip.

I rushed to the hospital immediately, and spent days at his bedside while he underwent surgery and started to slowly heal. And then the day came when he was released from the hospital. He wasn’t ready to go home and he didn’t want to go to a rehab facility. So I set up the guest room downstairs (with help from my lovely wife and my three daughters) and hired a nurse to care for him while he recovered.

Nancy is an experienced nurse and a grandmother, so she knew just how to relate to Dad. She soothed him when he was upset, cajoled him into doing what needed to be done and made sure he took his medication on time. She bathed him, served him meals and kept him company. When Dad had a doctor’s appointment, we took Nancy along, because she knew exactly what was important to convey to the physician.

Nancy didn’t have to stay long; Dad quickly progressed to a point where he could take his medication, get dressed on his own and carefully lower himself into a bath. He was anxious to move back home and we all thought he would enjoy having his own space (truthfully, we were ready for some privacy as well). Nancy went on to a different job, and Ellie came instead. Ellie is a terrific CHHA, and she helps Dad with the tasks he can’t do anymore.

They say nurses are the next best thing to angels, and I truly believe that. I would not have been able to cope without Nancy’s efficient, no nonsense approach to care. She made us all believe that Dad could get better and she helped make it happen. She made it possible for me to go to work every day with no worries, knowing that Dad was receiving the best care possible throughout the day.

Nancy, I thanked you in person – more than once, but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you publicly and to wish you a Happy National Nurses Week!

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