Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Caregivers

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Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Caregivers

Caregiving is one of the most ancient professions (it’s even mentioned in the Bible!) but that’s no reason not to make it more efficient with twenty-first century technology. Check out some of these apps which simplify and organize caregiving.

AARP Caregiving

The AARP Caregiving app is a one-stop shop for all things caregiving. It includes a calendar, to-do list, a list of medications and answers to commonly asked questions. Best of all, it can be utilized by a number of users so that family members and professional caregivers can coordinate and access information.

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Buddy

This app focuses on information which is useful in caring for someone with dementia. There are daily tips, activity suggestions, strategies for coping with certain behaviors and ways to manage stress. It also includes direct calling to the Alzheimer’s Association 24 hour helpline.

Comfort Zone Check-In

This app is essentially a tracker to locate the whereabouts of a senior with dementia who has wandered away. It works in conjunction with a tracking device that the senior carries on his person. The beauty of this app is that it affords the senior greater freedom and independence, with less worrying on your part. Dinner Spinner

The app wasn’t created specifically for caregivers, but it sure can make a caregiver’s job easier. The cook chooses a type of dish and the main ingredient and the app produces a choice of recipes. This is great for making a meal when groceries are running out and you have to make do with what’s in the kitchen. You can also choose the length of the meal preparation, making it easy to find no-stress quick recipes. Once you find successful ones, don’t forget to save them so you can use them again.


Tracking symptoms can be extremely important for letting physicians know how a patient is doing. The Symple app allows you to track up to 10 symptoms, such as fatigue, depression or pain, and turns them into easy to read graphs. The app also tracks activities, medications and other factors to see what’s triggering the symptoms.

Caregiving is one of the most challenging jobs out there, whether you’re a family member or a certified home health aide. If you’re carrying a smartphone around at all times, take advantage of the rich world of apps to help you provide the best care for your relative or client.

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