Top 5 Ways Home Care Companions Save the Day

//Top 5 Ways Home Care Companions Save the Day

Top 5 Ways Home Care Companions Save the Day

When your parents reach the age where living entirely alone is no longer feasible, decisions must be made to ensure their safety and well-being. Some seniors are in need of around-the-clock care in a nursing facility and others can stay at home with caregivers. More independent and healthy seniors may consider assisted living or home care companions. For some seniors, assisted living is the answer but others prefer to stay at home with a home care companion for these reasons:

  1. Moving to assisted living is a big upheaval in a person’s life. It means packing up belongings, adjusting to new and unfamiliar surroundings and leaving behind old friends. A senior who is relatively healthy may want to stay in the home he has lived in for many years and continue to be a standing member of his community. Help from a home care companion can go a long way toward keeping him happy and comfortable without all the hassle of moving.
  2. Home care companions ease the burden of families by taking care of some basic needs for the senior citizen. They can help with tasks like grocery shopping, housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation. Children and grandchildren who visit are now free to sit and chat instead of running errands and helping out in the house.
  3. Senior citizens often find that the hours between visits from relatives are too long. They may get up early in the morning and, with little to occupy their time, experience loneliness and boredom. A home care companion is a friendly face and a person to talk to so that the hours move more quickly. Sometimes the most important task the home companion performs is simply being a friend!
  4. Home care companionship is a flexible arrangement where the senior and his family can decide how much help is actually needed. Some companions are live-ins while others come at certain times a day when there is a greater necessity. Arrangements are totally fluid and can be changed when the situation calls for something different.
  1. Assisted living facilities often have a changing staff and residents may like some staff members better than others. With home care companionship, one person is chosen who will be at the senior’s side exclusively. Agencies make a concerted effort to find someone compatible so that the companion and the senior can forge a true bond.

Home care companionship offers seniors the ability to stay at home while having difficult tasks taken care of and a friend to spend time with to alleviate loneliness. Families have the security of the knowledge that their relative is well taken care of and the luxury of spending quality time together when they visit.

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