Trick or Treating with Seniors

//Trick or Treating with Seniors

Trick or Treating with Seniors

Halloween brings out the child in all of us. We remember the excitement of choosing a costume, going out into the autumn evening and anticipating the bounty of candy we would bring home at the end of the night. We loved the scary decorations, even the tacky ones, and the friendliness of neighbors who had as much fun distributing sweets as we had receiving them.

We may never get that childhood innocence back, but Halloween can be enjoyed at any age. Even a senior with limited mobility can get involved in giving out candy to eager neighborhood children or grandchildren. Although it might be easier to take charge of the candy bag yourself, it’s worth the extra effort to involve your loved one or client.

If possible, set up a chair near the entry or right outside the door, so he or she can give out treats. A deep bowl may be easier to deal with than a bag, which requires dexterity to reach into. If necessary, invite trick or treaters into the living room to get their candy. For safety reasons, this can only be done with small children who are accompanied by parents.

If your senior shouldn’t be eating sugary treats, keep an eye out to make sure candy is being distributed but not consumed.

Decorate the house to add to the festive atmosphere. Involve your senior in coloring in decorations, choosing which ones to hang and picking out locations for each one. He can help you scoop out the inside of a pumpkin, though you will likely have to do the carving yourself.

You can have fun with healthy food as well. Cut vegetables into strips and use to them to create a scary skeleton. Bake a batch of pumpkin muffins and top them with Halloween themed toothpick decorations. Make “ghosts” by cutting bananas in half and adding chocolate chips for the eyes and nose. The possibilities are endless!

There’s nothing so energizing for an elderly person as a few hours spent in the company of children. Halloween is a perfect opportunity to bring back the joy of childhood for a short while.

Towne Home Care wishes you and your family a Happy Halloween!

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