True Dedication

//True Dedication

True Dedication

During the recent epic snowstorm, LPN Case Manager Tracy visited the home of one of our clients. She was amazed to discover that home health aide, Amelia, had volunteered to stay over the whole weekend to make sure that her client was safe. Amelia’s job usually entails staying for eight hour shifts but she refused to go home while the snowstorm raged and even helped Tracy shovel out the walkway!

This type of dedication is only momentarily shocking. We at Towne know that our home health aides are more than employees. They have caring, nurturing personalities, and they are devoted to their clients’ health and comfort. They know that taking care of basic needs is paramount but that a smile and good cheer are equally important. And they treat their clients like they would a family member or best friend.

We recently blogged about how to keep seniors warm and safe when it’s cold and snowy out there, and our home health aides take this advice seriously. If you’re snowbound and can’t get to visit your loved one, it’s a huge relief to know that he is being cared for by the best nursing assistants. We’re proud to provide this service and give you piece of mind when you need it most.

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